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The Dedicated Cloud 

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Gain complete end-to-end visibility and manage your entire business in real-time anywhere in the world with The Dedicated Cloud. Backed by industry-leading security, The Dedicated Cloud brings your entire system in the palm of your hands so you won't ever have to step foot in the office. Reduce time and access critical job functions to deliver the best in customer service and product quality with The Dedicated Cloud.

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Why Choose Attivo as your Solutions Provider?

Business Process Optimization

Attivo has a proven track record of meeting with business owners and department heads, learning their current processes and ultimately rooting out problems and areas of inefficiency that are preventing your company from maximizing profits. 

Software Training 

Our certified and experienced senior consultants guide you through every step of your project. Reinforcing your new knowledge with on-going support.


Cloud Hosting

No matter where you are in the world, you'll always be connected to the office with the 'Cloud'. Attivo's Cloud Services brings together the ERP, CRM, and other systems you use to manage your business, having the systems grow with you as needed, seamlessly and with cost-effective solutions. 

Expert ERP Implementation

The Attivo Group utilizes the 5-Step Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP) that has been refined over the course of more than 60,000 worldwide implementations of SAP Business One.

ERP Support Services

Attivo's support provides User Training, Full-Consulting Services, Complete System Documentation, Database Administration, SQL Optimization, System Monitoring, and many more services other firms do not offer.  

20+ Years of Successful Experience

Each of our consultants brings 20+ years of experience consulting and transforming business processes through integrating software. Since founded in 1993, Attivo has also reinvigorated thousands of companies to maximize their profitability. 

"No matter where your business takes you,  Attivo is the partner you'll never outgrow"

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About The Attivo Group 

The Attivo Group provides a full range of consulting services that address both your long-term goals (strategy), as well as your day-to-day operational concerns. Whether your primary concern is your system implementation, system upgrades, day-to-day technical support or how to improve your overall operational efficiencies, we will develop a plan for you.

The Attivo Group is dedicated to delivering superior consulting support to our clients for their accounting and ERP systems. Our clients benefits from our extensive knowledge in SAP Business One, Exact Synergy Enterprise, Macola, and other integrating software.

Our company's success hinges on your success, and we will do everything in our power to help you keep your systems and your business running at peak performance. We pride ourselves on being a company that you can trust.

Customer Success

“This custom-tailored system is now the backbone of our company’s operations.  It is extremely efficient and accurate and we rely on it to support the high volume of product that we handle every day.  It keeps us totally compliant with all of the regulatory and customer requirements that we need to deal with, and has helped us keep our costs as low as possible.”

- Don Sutherland, CFO, Southwind Foods