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SAP Business One

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Face the challenges of everyday Manufacturing with SAP Business One. Gain complete end-to-end visibility of the entire manufacturing process in real time and minimize stock by efficiently dispatching finished goods to distributors and end-customers. Improve everything from production scheduling and resource management to finished goods inventory. Optimize your yield and increase the efficiency of your production process with a boost from SAP Business One. 

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SAP Business One helps you to streamline processes, gain a greater insight into your business, so that you can act fast and make decisions based on real time information, to help you drive profitable growth. It is designed for small and midsized companies to grow with you, it is flexible, modular, yet powerful and with its user-friendly interface, it is simple to use.
Financial Management
Automate everyday accounting tasks such as maintaining ledger and journal entries, process bank statements and payments, as well as reconciling accounts. Integrating your financial operation in real-time with other business process can speed transactions and improve visibility into cash flow. 
Business Intelligence
 SAP Business One takes advantage of in memory computing for analysis and reporting. You gain real-time access to predefined dashboards and reports, as well as productivity tools to support decision making. You can tailor forms and queries to meet specific requirements without technical training. You can also configure settings to define exchange rates, set authorization parameters, and create import and export functions for internal mail, e-mail, and data.
Purchasing Inventory & Control
SAP Business One helps manage the complete order-to-pay cycle. Integrated reporting tools let you easily compare suppliers and prices to negotiate better deals and identify opportunities for cost savings. Achieve real-time synchronization of goods, receipts, and inventory warehouse levels
Analytics & Reporting
Make smart, confident decisions, faster by capturing all critical information across sales, customers, operations, and finance – making it  instantly available company-wide. Eliminate duplicate data entry, costs, and related errors. Workflow-based alerts trigger automatic responses when important business events occur, allowing you to focus on the most critical events. You have clear visibility into how your business is performing and greater confidence in the information used to make decisions.
Sales & Customer Management 
 SAP Business One provides the tools to help you efficiently manage the entire sales process and customer lifecycle – from initial contact to final sale, to after-sales service and support. Its integrated functionality provides a complete view of prospects and customers so you can better understand and meet their needs. As a result, you can turn prospects into customers, increase sales and profitability, and improve customer satisfaction.
Production Planning
SAP Business One provides accurate information about  inbound and outbound shipments, inventory, and item location. You can value inventory using standard costing, moving average, FIFO, and other methods; monitor stock  levels; and track transfers in real time. You can run real-time inventory updates and availability checks and manage standard and special pricing. You can also apply volume, cash, and customer discounts and run reports that reveal their impact.

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The Attivo Group provides a full range of consulting services that address both your long-term goals (strategy), as well as your day-to-day operational concerns. Whether your primary concern is your system implementation, system upgrades, day-to-day technical support or how to improve your overall operational efficiencies, we will develop a plan for you.

The Attivo Group is dedicated to delivering superior consulting support to our clients for their accounting and ERP systems. Our clients benefits from our extensive knowledge in SAP Business One, Exact Synergy Enterprise, Macola, and other integrating software.

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Customer Success

“This custom-tailored system is now the backbone of our company’s operations.  It is extremely efficient and accurate and we rely on it to support the high volume of product that we handle every day.  It keeps us totally compliant with all of the regulatory and customer requirements that we need to deal with, and has helped us keep our costs as low as possible.”

- Don Sutherland, CFO, Southwind Foods